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Dental Crowns & Bridges Restorations 

Do missing teeth make you feel self-conscious?  Are damaged teeth preventing you from enjoying your favorite foods?  Get your strong, beautiful smile back and contact Joseph A. Ricciardi, DDS PC for dental bridges and dental crowns in Hamilton, NJ!

Dr. Ricciardi can repair or replace your damaged or missing teeth with a variety of custom restorative dentistry options right here at our Hamilton, NJ dentist office!

The Many Uses Of Dental Crowns

A dental crown completely caps the visible portion of a tooth, strengthening it and protecting it.

At Joseph A. Ricciardi, DDS PC, we custom-make all of our all ceramic crowns in-house, so you won’t have to wait for shipping or fabrication delays!  You also won’t have to put up with the messy putty of traditional impression methods.

Dr. Ricciardi can use a dental crown for many purposes, including:

  • Severe cracks and chips
  • Teeth that have become weakened from repeated dental treatments
  • The protection of a tooth following a root canal
  • Large cavities that cannot be repaired with a dental filling
  • Stains and discoloration of teeth

Dental Crown Options From Dr. Ricciardi

Along with standard dental crowns that repair your natural teeth, Dr. Ricciardi can also completely replace a missing tooth with a dental implant topped with a dental crown.

Depending on your particular situation, Dr. Ricciardi will recommend a dental crown made from either zirconia or porcelain.

Zirconia is one of the strongest, most wear-resistant materials available for dental crowns. Porcelain, however, provides the most natural-looking appearance.  Regardless of the material used, your dental crown will be color-matched to the rest of your teeth and blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Dr. Ricciardi also offers partial dental crowns called inlays and onlays that cover the chewing surfaces and sides of your teeth in Hamilton, NJ.  

The Dental Crown Process

We will do everything we can to make you comfortable when you visit our office.  If you happen to be nervous, we have several ways to help relieve your dental anxiety, including:

  • Soft blankets and pillows
  • Calming music
  • Nitrous oxide dental sedation

Once you are fully relaxed, Dr. Ricciardi will:

  • Carefully plan your procedure using our state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and digital X-rays
  • Apply local anesthetic for optimum comfort
  • Make room for your dental crown by removing a small amount of enamel
  • Cap your tooth with your new dental crown and make any final adjustments

Dental Bridges Explained

Dental bridges literally bridge the gap left by one or more adjacent missing teeth.  We offer both standard dental bridges and implant-secured dental bridges.

Dental bridges are essentially false teeth that are held in place by surrounding teeth.  We will first need to prepare your teeth on either side of your smile gap.  Otherwise, the process for receiving a dental bridge is very similar to that of a dental crown.

Don’t let damaged or missing teeth get you down – call Joseph A. Ricciardi, DDS PC at 609-586-6688 for dental bridges and dental crowns in Hamilton, NJ. You can also use our online form.


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.

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