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Learn About Our Dental Technology

Our Goal: To invest in the most advanced beneficial treatment available to best serve our patients’ needs. This is why we provide:

  • Dexis Digital x-rays
  • Dexis DexShield
  • Dex Cam 3 Intraoral Camera
  • Dexis Carivu
  • E4D digital scanning 

Dexis digital x-rays and DexShield 

The sensor used in the mouth has rounded corners, a smooth casing, and a small angled dome, making it extremely comfortable. The Platinum sensor takes highly detailed x-rays with much less radiation.

The American Dental Association states that digital systems may reduce radiation exposure by 40-60% over traditional film x-rays. Also, using the DexShield positioning ring and protective block shield reduces the dose by about another 30%.

Dex Cam 3 Intraoral Camera

Have you ever wanted to look in your mouth and see what we see? Now you can with our lightweight hand piece intraoral camera. We can present a live color video of your gums and teeth to explain your dental needs and help you understand your dental health.

We can also take individual photos and save them to your file for future reference. These individual photos can be submitted with your insurance claim. An individual photo can warrant greater insurance coverage, making for more affordable dental treatments.


The Carivu system illuminates both sides of the tooth at the same time with light. This device can detect cavities and cracks on the sides and biting surface of the tooth as well as cracks and cavities around existing fillings.

We create images where the healthy tooth is light and area of concern dark. This results in accurate information without using ionizing radiation like x-rays. Patients who benefit having a no radiation option include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children (replacing the x-ray sensor)
  • Radiation therapy patients – no further radiation exposure
  • Seniors- a quick and efficient way to actually see a crack not readily visible in x-rays
  • Those with a limited mouth opening

Note: Just as is the case with images from the Dex Cam Intraoral Camera, the Carivu images can be submitted to your insurance carrier to aid in making the most informed decision when deciding on benefits.

Digital Scanning with the E4D System

This system uses computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) to custom-make porcelain crowns, veneers, and fillings right in our office. The days of unpleasant and messy impressions are over.

We can create a digital impression in minutes using a state-of-the-art laser scanner in the mouth. It is as safe as the checkout scanner in the grocery store. The porcelain restorations are metal-free, durable, and gentle to the natural teeth and will feel completely natural.

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