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Emergency Dentist in Hamilton, NJ  

If you have a dental emergency in Hamilton, NJ, call Joseph A. Ricciardi, DDS PC  at 609-586-6688 right away!

To give you fast relief from pain, Dr. Ricciardi and our compassionate team will look to get you an appointment as soon as possible.

If your dental injury is causing bleeding and you are unable to stop it, visit your local dental emergency room as soon as possible, then follow up with us for a variety of restorative dentistry or other procedures.

Common Dental Emergencies

Because it could be a sign of a more serious issue, if you are in dental pain, it’s a  dental emergency. Acting fast could make the difference between needing a root canal or a tooth extraction.

No matter your situation, we will help relieve your pain and repair your smile.

Here are Some of the Common Dental Emergencies We Treat:

  • Broken or severely cracked teeth
  • Teeth that have been knocked loose or out
  • Damaged dental restorations, like dental crowns and bridges
  • Trauma to your teeth or mouth
  • Toothaches

We Will Help You Relax

We do everything we can to help you relax when you arrive at our Hamilton, NJ dental office. We will greet you with a warm smile and offer the following amenities to provide you with comfort during your visiting including: 

  • Soft pillows
  • Cozy blankets
  • Relaxing music

We also provide longer appointments so you won’t feel rushed, and we can help relieve your dental anxiety with nitrous oxide dental sedation.

Don’t endure oral pain – call Joseph A. Ricciardi, DDS PC at 609-586-6688 right away for a same-day appointment for dental emergency in Hamilton, NJ. You can also stop by our Hamilton, NJ office in person or, if your situation is less pressing, fill out our online form.


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.

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