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Smile Makeovers in Hamilton, NJ 

Are you tired of hiding your smile from mirrors and cameras? Do you make a special effort to keep new acquaintances from seeing your smile? These are very, very common things that we do when we are unhappy with our smile. If you feel embarrassed by your teeth or you simply wish that you could feel truly proud to show your teeth when you smile, it’s time to see Dr. Ricciardi at our dental office for the smile makeovers in NJ.

What Is A Smile Makeover?

Smile makeovers describes a process by which your teeth are transformed into something you are proud of. For many of our patients, their teeth have simply not received the attention they’ve needed in years past. The result is a less-than-stellar looking smile. But when you step into our dentist office, you will find the solutions to all of your smile concerns.

Smile makeovers often comprise a process of more than one procedure that takes place over a couple of months. We take a look at your current smile, listen carefully to the goals that you would like to accomplish, and then create a plan using our top-of-the-line cosmetic dentistry treatments.

We can whiten, reshape, or cover your teeth with beautifully natural crowns or veneers. You might also be interested in tooth bonding, which we use to fill in chips, cracks, and sometimes gaps in your teeth. There are so many options available; you can be sure that you'll find the best solution for your smile with our smile makeover process in Hamilton, NJ.

How Do I Get Started?

If having a brand-new smile sounds great to you, we would love to help you get started! It all begins with a phone call to 609-586-6688. Our first task will be making sure that your mouth is healthy. You will have a thorough cleaning, and we’ll take care of any decay, infection, or damage that we see. Once your mouth is healthy, we will begin working on your cosmetic smile makeover in Hamilton, NJ.

Within a few months, you will begin to see results. Depending on the extent of your makeover, it may take several more months to completely transform your smile, but the end result will be astounding. Our patients love seeing their smiles transform, and it is one of our favorite things to witness as well. Give us a call today for a smile makeover in Hamilton, NJ, and let's get started!  609-586-6688 .


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